Inspiring read in last weeks Rugby Advertiser featuring triathlete Matt Bailey.  A good message to all people trying to reach a goal; when Matt aged 10 first entered a swimming gala he was disqualified in every race, but he didn't give up.

Practice and focus have seen Matt Bailey rise through the ranks, and now in the swim leg of a triathlon he is often the first athlete out of the water; in the Holkham Half Iron Man in 2018, Matt was first out with a whopping 30+ seconds's focus like this that has made Matt no1 in his age group, and No7 overall for the UK.  This year, although still only 19 years old, Matt has stepped up a category to compete in the 20-29yr age bracket,  and in the recent Chirk Triathlon Matt had a blistering win,  we're expecting great things in 2019.

The lesson to "never give up" can be applied across all walks of life.  Often when companies approach ITP Group Limited with complex measuring requirements we have been able to step up and achieve a solution, where others have given up saying "it can't be done".  

Over the past 40 years ITP Group Limited have proven themselves in their field by solving complex client requirements.  Although at ITP Group we could never out swim, bike or run Matt Bailey, we do share his focus to succeed and achieve in our sector.